Thursday, August 10, 2006

Barlow A-Building

Back at the site today. The north walls that form the mansard roofs were all too tall, and the top plates had to be removed, and replaced with half-inch plywood padding. Did this along with stringing/plumbing up all the exterior walls and truss layout. Rained all morning, and then got hot and sticky by the end of the day. Managed to keep irritation at bay by thinking of Jimmy James with Hutton Conyers and Bretton Woods, "you'll never find out the very funny thing I know about sex," and:
"'I don't smell, do I?' she asked miserably.
'Well, there's a trace of Arpege. I've always liked Arpege.'
'How terribly experienced you sound.'"
Funny how the mind wanders at work, particularly whilst pulling nails.

Incidentally, for the first quote reference Alan Bates in "Oliver's Travels," and for the second, Graham Greene in "May We Borrow Your Husband?"

The Barlow Square jobs (which can be seen here for the time being: are a bit of a conceit, considering that they are continuous buildings made to look like separate buildings of a bland postmodern variety (and by this postmodern I merely mean using historical styles in a mixed and exaggerated way). What truly gives it away is that the elevations and sizes of the windows are identical. But when you stop to look at the buildings (particularly the tower) and say, "I built that," it feels pretty good. I built that. B building is almost complete, and we are almost trussed out on A Building. We won the bid for C building, but D had a verbal contract on it from some time ago which Wright/Morrissey will not welch on. It makes no sense, really, to have another company frame it, since they'll be slower and cost more--but I can understand the ethics of it. Anyway, have a look. I built that. Our website will be up soon at I made it--HTML and CSS and all that. Check it out for the time being at

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